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Instructor Karlu, Martial Arts Instructor

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Instructor Karlu

Instructor Karlu started his martial arts journey at the age of 5 years old. He began training in a traditional Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do, leading him into Taekwondo. Taekwondo appealed to Instructor Karlu as it was a more simplified, modern Olympic sport with a high volume of support from the martial arts world.

Instructor Karlu is well versed in Olympic style sparring. At the age of 14, Instructor Karlu competed in the Seniors division, usually reserved for ages 18-33. As a Featherweight (Junior) and Flyweight (Senior) in the roster of RPTC-11 (Regional Philippine National Team), he participated in various Nationals and International Events during his career in Philippine Taekwondo.

After moving to the USA in 2008, he took a break from Taekwondo until he found Chang’s Martial Arts Academy. With a mindset of coming back for more tournaments, he trained at Chang’s and became an Instructor. His mindset in life is to never give up and keep moving forward- because you can end up getting to places you may have never dreamed of.

Master Roger recruited Instructor Karlu and he joined CCT (Chang’s Competition Team). Instructor Karlu has since been to many tournaments representing Chang’s Taekwondo in Inter-schools, State, and Nationals.

Currently, Instructor Karlu works in the healthcare field and still continues to apply the Tenets of Taekwondo, by being polite in attitude and demonstrating professional COURTESY towards fellow doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare team members. He respects the dignity and INTEGRITY of his patients and the patients’ family. He keeps the strength and PERSEVERANCE to save a life during emergencies while implementing great SELF CONTROL in managing the practical issues that may arise. He believes that getting up daily with the courage and confidence to face each day with positivity is a testament to the INDOMITABLE SPIRIT of a genuine BLACK BELT.

With his diverse background in Taekwondo, Instructor Karlu is proficient in giving athletic advice, mentorship and highly effective training for those who aspire to be a high caliber athlete. He loves Taekwondo and will continuously support Chang’s as it is a school that brings quality authentic Taekwondo that our students deserve.

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